Community Composting

Kitchen waste makes up about 40% of household rubbish in the city. Composting stops this waste being transported to landfill and puts it to good use. It also saves your kitchen rubbish bin from getting smelly!

The community compost scheme at the community garden in Dyke Road Park (by the tennis courts) enables members to recycle their raw fruit and vegetable waste.

If you have any queries about the scheme, or wish to report a problem, please email Alison on alisonwhiteoak “at”

The compost bins are the wooden chests in the photo below. They are kept padlocked so that only people who have joined the scheme and received information about what to put in can use them.


2 Responses to Community Composting

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  2. therichdb says:

    so… just a little update on the popularity of the scheme – in just under two months (to today), we’ve got 31 households signed up which represents nearly 80 householders who are now using the scheme. Brilliant news!

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