Cycle route on Dyke Road

The planning of the Cycling/Pedestrian Improvements are progressing and you can view the detailed Traffic Regulation Orders here:
Any objections need to be lodged by 13 January.

No decision has been made yet as to whether the two pelican crossings will be turned into zebra crossings. Abby Hone, Principal Transport Planner on this project, emailed on 3 January to say:

“I have been working on the latest revision of detail design and hope to have a final version to approve early next week. We are also planning further assessment of formal crossing provision, particularly in light of recent analysis of citywide data regarding safety performance of light-controlled and zebra crossings in the city.”

Although 55% of the 280 respondents to the consultation approved the zebra crossings, it would appear, from our November and December meetings, and conversations I have had since, that many people are strongly opposed to replacing light-controlled crossings with zebras for reasons of pedestrian safety. The characteristics of that road:

30 mph
tree-lined and poorly lit
used by unaccompanied children
used by queuing traffic and heavy goods vehicles

mean that many of us would feel more comfortable using a light-controlled crossing rather than relying on the quick reactions of the drivers of lorries, vans, cars – and of cyclists.

Please feel free to post your comments on this below.

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