Polly Strauss of Friends of the Field emailed recently to say:

“We have just heard that the Brighton and Hove City Council have decided to proceed to a three-day Public Inquiry to determine the Village Green Application. This is a huge step forward for the application.

The suggested dates are 1-3 April 2014 (to include an evening session on the 1st). The likely venue is the Brighthelm Centre. The independent inspector appointed is Mr Vivian Chapman QC.

We will organise a meeting in the next few weeks when we know more.”

See more about this matter on

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2 Responses to BHASVIC Field

  1. says:

    Please could you explain the significance of this/ Thank you David and Isobelle Bunting

  2. jannetking says:

    Well I don’t know any more than is written above, I’m afraid, although I’ve now added a link to the Friends of the Field Facebook site, where the matter is being debated.

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