Community Garden Expansion?

Community Garden Expansion ProposalThere is a possibility that the community garden in Dyke Road Park could be expanded! We’re in the process of drawing up a proposal to put to the Council and Harvest and would welcome your views.

Those of you who have been to the garden, whether to use the community composting bins, to pick herbs or leaves, or to just enjoy the space, will have noticed that the growing area is relatively small. This was a deliberate design feature: In order to get approval for the scheme the Council was very clear that this was not an allotment. We set out to show how food could be grown in small spaces and to involve park users in food growing. We deliberately kept the garden unfenced so that it was accessible and open to all. We believe the garden has been a huge success, and has, along with the community composting scheme, introduced more people both to food growing and to our lovely park.

It is likely that the expansion proposal will involve doubling the size of the existing garden by creating an area containing raised beds to enable access and involvement by those with a disability or mobility issues. We are also looking at ways of collecting rainwater and providing some shelter and shade on site by creating a covered area using tarpaulin or similar fabric.

Above is a map of the proposed layout of the extension (enlarging it will hopefully enable you to see more detail) with a few comments added by people who attended the recent Big Dig open day. It would be great to have further feedback and ideas so please use this blog to add your thoughts. We look forward to hearing from you.

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