Maintaining the roses

Roses need a lot of t.l.c. and the Friends group have been doing their best to maintain the 340 or so roses that remain in the park. These include about 230 around the edges of the rose garden itself and in the triangular beds, the new roses we planted either side of the café, and those in the three beds out on the grass verge.
To try and keep the roses healthy we have supplied and applied rose feed containing vital nutrients to help the roses fight diseases. (While Cityparks put down a basic mulch to improve the soil they seem unable to supply rose feed, which seems a false economy when three boxes costing about £24 will feed all those roses!)
In order to encourage the roses to flower throughout the summer, they need deadheading on a regular basis. And if we want our lovely lavender, planted between the roses, to look good next year, that will also need to have its dead flowers removed.
So if you are available for the next gardening group on 16 August, please come along and help, or get in touch with me, Jannet on 509653, if you would like to get together for some gardening during the week.
July work party

Orange roses

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