Free School proposal for BHASVIC Field

Everybody seems to have been taken completely by surprise by the news that the Education Funding Agency is supporting plans by the King’s Free School (a C of E school secondary school) to build on BHASVIC field. EFA Statement re Kings School Site1_000

Clearly this will have quite an impact on the area, especially on those living to the south of Old Shoreham Road, and many people have been actively involved in the Friends of the Field campaign to keep the field open to the public:

But what is the likely impact on Dyke Road Park itself? Our small green space will be completely surrounded by buildings/roads, and even more heavily used. At the same time it will have an increasingly vital role to play in terms of providing habitat for wildlife, and a space in which we can enjoy being out in the fresh air.

Feel free to comment on this issue below:

This document, passed on by Chris Thomson, Principal of BHASVIC, gives an indication of the area proposed for the new school grounds, which is that marked (5) on this pdf. Cardinal Newman-BHASVIC-Site Area Estimates-April 2013

And here you can read an article in the Independent making clear the opposition of the heads of BHASVIC and Cardinal Newman, as well as of local residents, to the proposal:

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2 Responses to Free School proposal for BHASVIC Field

  1. fionagoffe says:

    What I find most disturbing is the lack of ‘joined up’ thinking. There seems to be no co-ordination going on between plans for the park and for the playing field and, so far, no public consultation. The two areas adjoin and clearly impact on each other as well as on the community as a whole. The changes, along with traffic changes in the Seven Dials area (which will impact local roads) do not seem to be being considered in any coherent way. Perhaps it is time for a meeting between the various groups involved? It would be useful for some information to gathered which garners opinion from the community as a whole?

  2. jannetking says:

    You’re absolutely right about the general lack of joined up thinking, but in this instance we can’t really blame the Council, as it appears that the Education Funding Agency has just swooped in and made the decision without consulting anyone. Or have they? How long has this been known about, and by whom, I wonder?

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