Community Compost Turning

At todays monthly munch we were probably a bit more concerned with stuff which had already been munched rather than stuffing our own faces!

We had a go at turning the compost from the first box that we filled last summer. WOW! What a compostable adventure. You can see from the photos below exactly what we found.

A few tips we need to reiterate:

1. We have pretty wet compost. Probably not helped by the heavy rains. But more cardboard and newspaper will help!

2. Please no shiny / glossy paper though.

3. Also what we’d like to keep out of the boxes are those compostable plastic bags. While they do degrade, they take a lot longer and are pretty unpleasant to work with in your compost. So do thanks!

4. Also not going down very well are citrus fruits, large twigs, corn cobs and eggshells. Now there is a debate about eggshells. They do take a long time and its better if they can be crushed up small before going in [just an update on this – the eggshells are actually something NOT ALLOWED in our community compost bins – crushing up may be OK in your own compost, but the Council have advised us that they may attract vermin, so they’re on the list of “NO” items here – please keep them out of our composters at Dyke Road Park! many thanks – Rich]. Citrus? The jury’s out. I say no, Abi says yes… What do you think?

AND… the worms are doing well, which is great news. The process we went through was to empty all the compost out onto a big tarpaulin, and then sift through for any unwanted stuff.. we found the occasional bottle top, plastic cork and plastic bag and some vegetable matter which looked like it would take many many years to decompose, and got rid…. then we put all the compost back into the box, layering as we went with cardboard, making a kind of compost sandwich (yuk!).

End result? I reckon its only a few months away from being usable… then onto the next box. This was pretty hard work by the way, so look out for our monthly munch events when you could think about helping us out!











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One Response to Community Compost Turning

  1. jannetking says:

    That’s fantastic! I just wish I’d come up to witness it after finishing our stint in the rose garden. Re egg shells, they were on the Council’s ‘banned’ list because they might attract rats, weren’t they? And it citrus peel takes ages to rot down, maybe people should leave it out. But you’re the ones with an all-too-intimate knowledge of the process of decomposing…

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