Friends of the Field

Action Points arising out of 29 January public meeting
From the comments at the meeting there appears to be support for a number of initiatives to help keep the field as a green space, open to all:
1. Apply for Village Green status
2. Look into protecting rights of way across the field
3. Look into making BHASVIC Field Brighton and Hove’s first “Local Green Space”
4. Work with Cardinal Newman School, BHASVIC and Brighton and Hove Council to see how Cardinal Newman School’s concerns regarding the field can be addressed by less drastic measures than a 3m fence.
5. Respond to any Planning Application put forward by Cardinal Newman School
6. Clarifying the ownership and terms of use of the field (Freedom on Information Request has been sent to the Council)

What Next?
In the coming few weeks we will be focussing on the Village Green application. The most important part of this is collecting evidence that local residents have been using the field continuously and informally in the last 20 years (and longer). More on this in a few days.

Also, please do keep emailing local Councillors and MP with your concerns:
Conservative MP for Hove: Mike Weatherley
Ruth Buckley>
Rob Jarrett
Alex Phillips
Regency Ward
Ania Kitkat
Jason Kit Kat
St Peters and North Laine
Ian Davey
Lizzie Deane
Pete West
Preston Park
Mike Jones
Amy Kennedy
Leo Littman

Write to The Argus
They are very interested in the field issue and the more people who write, the better the publicity! The address is

Help needed
With so many ways forward, we’d love to hear from you if you would like to help with any aspect of the campaign, or have any specific experience or interests*. For example, we may need to set ourselves up as a “Constituted Group” – does anyone have experience of this? Does anyone have experience of establishing Rights of Way? Similarly – if anyone has legal knowledge / planning experience etc we really need your help.

We are trying to keep costs as low as possible but printing and copying posters and leaflets does add up. If anyone has access to free or low cost photocopying please get in touch. We’d really like to get to know you!

Ideas and volunteers needed

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One Response to Friends of the Field

  1. Amanda says:


    The newly elected councillor of the area have slightly changed. I now represent Goldsmid as a Green Councillor instead of Ruth Buckley-Salmon. Alex is in Regency now and Rob has stood down.

    Many Thanks

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