Making a start

We were all so pleased by the two huge beds of different varieties of lavender, planted early last year in the rose garden, but it was a huge (and repetitive) job keeping them weed free over last summer, and then a (not particularly cold) winter killed off the ‘fancier’ French varieties, leaving just the old-fashioned English ones in curving lines across the beds.

The Park Gardener, Steve Golds, suggested that it might be nice, instead, to turn these two sloped beds into grassy banks with benches, and when this was put to a meeting of the Friends group there was unanimous agreement! We will still have some lavender bushes, but will be able to sit amongst them and enjoy the scent.

The first job has been to remove the remainder of the dead lavenders – a job begun by the monthly work party today.

The  next, more difficult, job is to raise money for the benches, currently priced at £921 each (although we are investigating ways of reducing this price). So – if anyone feels like funding, or part-funding , a bench to celebrate the life of a loved one, there will be soon be a lovely sunny, sheltered spot in which to place it.

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