Making borage ice cubes from the community garden

Finally we are having a few days of real summer including our August meet up.  We enjoyed a lovely sunny day in the community garden: picnicking, harvesting and also preparing the beds for the autumn.  As part of our summery picnic lunch, we had a salad with lettuce and chard leaves, some chives and borage flowers from the beds.  

We have a local resident to thank for the borage plants.  At July’s monthly munch, I got talking about edible flowers and how they are such a fantastic addition to any garden: tasty, colourful and often pollinators love them.  One person said she had loads of borage plants at her allotment.  Too many in fact.  I jumped at the opportunity and said if she wanted, a few borage plants in the beets bed would be fantastic.  

This month, there are four thriving borage plants in the beets bed that are well frequented by the local bee population.  So thank you.  They have a cucumber-like flavour and so very appropriate for salads. The borage flowers were a hit: in the salad and also straight from the plant.  So much so there were hardly any flowers left on the plants. 

The next day I went back to the garden to find lots of the flowers had come out.  I felt like I  wanted to preserve the flowers in a way that would be appropriate for their delicate, refreshing flavour.  I decided to make borage ice cubes.

How to make borage ice cubes

1. Pick individual borage flowers

Borage flowerrs

2. Place in ice cube trays

3. Freeze

4. Put in drinks

5. Munch borage flowers in drink

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2 Responses to Making borage ice cubes from the community garden

  1. therichdb says:

    Great idea and beautiful flowers and tasty too! All round winner!

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