Somewhere to sit and munch!

Just in time for August’s Monthly Munch event, we’re going to have some benches installed at the Community Garden! Our marvellous friend and local resident Tim from Plunge Productions (and his crew) have kindly donated unused materials from their workshop, along with design skills, time and effort, to bring us the first two of our four benches in the garden. They’re still in the Plunge Productions workshop at the moment, but we should have them up at the garden ready to be sat on (with great gusto!) at the weekend.

The last event was a great success and we got to use the Kelly Kettle (seen in the slideshow below). This is a great fun, effective and sustainable way of heating water using very little fuel indeed. We’ll be using it again on the 11th August to help with food and drinks preparation.  Come and see it in action on Saturday!

We’ll also be harvesting things form the veg patch to make lunch and planning the Autumn planting of the four beds in the plot. If you want to learn more about growing (and eating) in this low impact permaculture way, come along and find out more from 12:00 until 14:00 on Saturday 11th August. If you’ve not been before, you’ll find the Community Vegetable Garden tucked away right behind the tennis courts at the north end of the park.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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