July’s Monthly Munch

On Saturday we had our first Monthly Munch.  These are a series of events that we will be running in the garden over the next few months.  The idea is to enjoy the garden and to learn more about growing and cooking the produce in the garden.  So for the first hour we share our knowledge and skills about a particular aspect of growing and then we have a picnic lunch together.  Everyone brings a dish to share and we also make some using the produce from the garden.  As we have just launched the community compost, this month we had a skills swop about compost.


We started off looking at the compost, everyone noticed that it looked quite wet, there were a few flies and it smelt like rotting food.  This isn’t ideal for a compost bin but is quite often the case at the beginning of a community composting scheme.

The art of composting is all about balance.  To get smell free, fly free beautiful compost there needs to be a balance between greens (vegetable peelings, coffee grounds etc) and browns (newspaper, cardboard, egg boxes and sticks).  This ensures a good balance of nitrogen and carbon.  So, in future if everyone could add more browns that would be great.

We also learnt that the more that we turn the compost the more quickly it will decompose.  So when this bin fills up we will start turning it to get more air into the bin.  If you have any questions to get in touch with the compost monitors: Abi, Ali or Hedvig.

One question was what will happen with all the compost.  Our idea is that we will use some of it in the garden, and the surplus the people who have contributed to the composting could take some home.  There wouldn’t be loads to start off with, but at hopefully enough to add to a few pots.  Having learnt more about the value of compost, and also a few tips to improve our compost we got started on our picnic.

July’s picnic

Anyone who has been up to the garden recently will have seen have full the garden is.  The cabbage and beets bed are full with leaves.  We picked some beautiful salad from the garden including lettuce leaves, mizuna and some mustard.  We also picked some chard and spinach.  Julie brought along a delicious potato salad with pesto… recipe to follow.

Watch this space for when next month’s monthly munch.

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